It's time to get personal about digital.

Hi, I'm David.
I have +10 years experience in digital communications working as a digital designer, developer, strategist and project manager.

In 2014, I've swollen the ranks of professionals disillusioned with the advertising agencies' work model and set out to do my own thing. And it's funny - EVERY is quite the opposite.

It's a statement of my desire to reach out to others and build things together.
To clients, so that they allow me to jump in, understand and share their culture and objectives.
To partners, to be a part in the growing and taking ownership of ideas.
To the public, so that their questions are met with honest answers.

This closeness has blurred lines and distances, giving me the chance to lead and be a part of teams, and building lasting friendships in brands such as the BMW Group Portugal, Normajean Brand Culturing, BeNext, Jack The Maker, Universidade Católica de Angola, Anis Branding, DPZ, RAPP Brazil and Terra dos Sonhos, among others.

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Building digital tools
for everybody.
Care to join?

EVERY is a brand open to anybody who wants to build stuff and help others.
Creative professionals, non-profit sector and individuals who identify problems for which technology can provide solutions.

The goal is to mix trustworthy and transparent client work with social tooling and product development, using the first vector to sustain the latter two.

EVERY was created to provide a backbone for three areas of intervention:

Less talk. More do.

A few end results won't tell you much about the passionate collaboration that went into creating them, but they are nevertheless testament to the "get it done" mindset that EVERY puts into all projects, big and small.

Some of these links will be replaced with actual case studies as time goes by, because some stories are really worth telling.



Tiny contributions to a better world.